Achieving Direct Impact on Your ROI through the right Marketing, Training, and Business Development.


Organizational effectiveness through effective design and instruction.


Accelerating growth through efficient operations, while managing brand assets.


Disrupting the traditional approach to the executive search.


Creating long-term value through customers, markets, and relationships.

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Organizational Effectiveness Through Effective Design and Instruction.


Content Creation

Training and educating employees is a huge priority for companies today. With so many options for creating content, it can be challenging to know where to start. Various platforms, spanning from job aids, articles, social media experiences, podcasts, and videos, can be used to educate your workforce or customers. But these media methods take up valuable time and resources of the company's staff. Partner with Intellectual Impact to educate and create.


Virtual instructor-led training development is developing instructor-led training for a virtual environment. Create a virtual environment immersing learners in the training experience. Bridge the gap between traditional, face-to-face training and digital learning through development at Intellectual Impact. Embrace a revolutionary way to deliver training to all learners, regardless of location or enhance your VILT of today.


Intellectual Impact's eLearning Development provides innovative and interactive eLearning solutions for corporations, universities, and government agencies. We offer a full spectrum of design, development, and delivery services to help you meet your goals.

At IntellectualImpact, we collaborate with our clients to make extraordinary things happen. We design engaging courses, deploy them on the preferred learning management system of your choice, and track results to ensure measurable ROI. Our goal is to help organizations impact their learners, realize their goals, and gain measurable results.

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Accelerating Growth through Efficient Operations, While Managing Brand Assets.

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Customer Journey

The customer journey is a way for companies to understand their customers better and deliver a robust experience. Intellectual Impact breaks down the consumer's interaction with a company into several parts or stages, referred to as touchpoints. By examining and refining touchpoints, we can assist you in increasing customer service focused on the customer's experience with your business before, during, and after their purchase. Increase your ROI by redefining your customer journey.

Brand Development

Brand development is defining and executing a strategic plan for a brand. Through a long-term, strategic process that continually builds equity in the brand value by delivering on its promises to those it serves, we understand what a brand stands for and how it wants to be perceived by its audience. At Intellectual Impact, we define and develop a structure for implementing a process that includes:

  • Developing a strategy.

  • Identifying target markets.

  • Defining the product or service offering.

  • Designing the visual identity.

  • Determining the best channels to communicate with customers.

Social Media

You can't afford to be under-represented on the various social media channels as a business. That's why we deliver effective and cohesive social media management; we tailor our service to your specific needs and objectives and embed it as an integral part of your larger marketing strategy. So you don't need to worry about wasting time on tedious tasks like moderating comments, tracking performance metrics, or crafting witty content. Let Intellectual Impact drive your social media strategy and be above the rest.

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Disrupting the Traditional Approach to the Executive Search.

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You want to hire talent, but you don't want to go through the agony of making mistakes. That's where digital recruiting through Intellectual Impact emerges. We've been perfecting this for over 15 years to ensure that your company gets the best talent possible. We work hard to understand your business and your long-term recruiting strategy, then find and place the skilled technologists vital to your company's growth.

Social Presence

Are you connecting with the suitable candidates and the right demographic? Leverage your social media platforms to strategically the qualified candidates through content, imagery, and fresh, relatable concepts. Attract the right talent. Intellectual Impact offers social media strategy, digital job boards, applicant tracking systems, and integration into applicant sourcing software to recruit for open positions. Our efforts seamlessly integrate with your company's website to provide an easy-to-use interface for recruiting candidates.

DE&I Initiatives

People of different backgrounds and experiences increase the strength of companies through innovation, processes, and new products. IntellectualImpact's mission is to help companies committed to DE&I connect with skilled candidates across various demographics, ensuring DE&I initiatives.

There's more to creating a successful company than hiring the right people: it's about understanding and reducing biases. With IntellectualImpact, you can build a diverse and inclusive workforce with less risk and cost by leveraging our services. We analyze data for bias indicators and provide HR training modules to address these challenges. We have designed methods to provide employers with an efficient, cost-effective solution for their DE&I needs.

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Creating Long-Term Value Through Customer Interactions, Markets, and Relationships.

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Businesses need to find new ways to increase revenue and expand their brand. One of the best ways is through partnerships. Intellectual Impact can assist the development of partnerships with other companies, organizations or develop joint ventures to increase their resources and create a diverse portfolio. Benefit from increased resources, the ability to expand their reach, and brand recognition. Partnerships are mutually beneficial for both parties involved, so it is essential to find a good match for your business needs. Let us help you make a match.

Process Redesign

Process redesign is the act of rethinking and refining how a process operates to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve customer service. The process redesign process starts with assessing the current state of operations, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing change. Process redesign is not just about making changes for the sake of making changes; it is about understanding your business needs and then using those needs as fuel for your business transformation. Let Intellectual Impact analyze your organization, processes, or department infrastructure to increase your revenue and customer service.


Innovation is not just about coming up with new ideas. It's about bringing these ideas to life and executing them. You can innovate in your workplace to develop new ideas, processes, recognize untapped markets, generate new products and services, and we can help you do so. Concepts derived from innovation all have one thing in common: they require knowledge, creativity, and determination from the people surrounding you. Let Intellectual Impact guide your organization with some tools that can help you innovate, such as brainstorming sessions, ideation tools, design thinking workshops, and hackathons. Start developing and implementing new ideas for your company today.

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Our Team

Based out of Charlotte and Boston, Intellectual Impact has generated unique solutions for global companies over the past 25 years. We have served partners such as Amazon, Harvard, Weight Watchers, State Street Financial, Computershare, MIT, One-Stop Career Centers, and NASCAR to shape the brands perceived today.

Our team is an eclectic, energetic, and intuitive DE&I forerunner with exceptional leadership and communication skills. We have the proven ability to identify opportunities and deliver effective strategies to generate results. We are experienced in strategic training, marketing planning, branding, and product development. Adept in online and traditional marketing and highly skilled in visual communications.

Talk to us about your next initiative. We could be the difference and your secret powerhouse to success.

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Schedule Some Time with Us

Feel free to schedule some time on my calendar to discuss possibilities on how I can help out your organization. If you have any questions prior to setting up some time with me, feel free to email me at

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Event Materials

The following are the event materials for the ATD TechKnowledge session, "VILT Amplified: Emulating A Production Studio With A Minimalist Budget." The session was presented on February 9th, 2022.

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